Why Otoscope Specula Is Mandatory?

By | July 14, 2016

Otoscopes are professional tools that are more than just needed for diagnosing different conditions. They must be accurate and precise, no matter which model you have chosen. On the other side each one of them requires otoscope specula in order to work. This is a disposable component, developed for otoscopes and it is something you must have. Keep in mind that each one of them is disposable and it should be used only once.

The construction

Despite the fact otoscope specula is a small addition, made for just one use, it comes made from stainless steel, This is mandatory, due to the fact it makes the entire product better made and for professional applications. In any case, models made from this material are the best choice and they are developed for professional otoscopes. In addition, they must be used only one time, due to the fact they are disposable units and they can be related to different issues. Another fact you must know is that the price is more than just high, if you take into account that this is a simple component.

For children and for adults

Otoscope specula comes in different sizes. In general, they can be categorized as those for adults that have 4.25 mm diameter and 2.75 mm for children. They are smaller and they have been made on a different principle. In addition, it isn’t possible to use otoscope specula for adults on children. Also, each one of them can be used only one time and it must be properly disposed after use. No matter which model you use, it is very simple to place on the otoscope and it takes just a few seconds.

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A package

A great thing when it comes to these components is the package. In general, you get 50 units in one package. On the other side the price may be a bit higher, but most of these packages are treated as affordable additions. It is recommended that you pay attention to the amount of units in the package, simply due to the fact the number may vary from the manufacturer and the package. The best thing you can do is to get an affordable package that comes with a lot of units.

Professional and low-entry specula

Welch Allyn 22820 PocketScope OtoscopeDespite the fact specula for otoscope has been designed in a simple way and it is a simple addition, there are some differences that must be taken into account. For example, there are models made for professional applications. They are made from a single piece of materials and they have a high-end quality. In any case, they are the best choice and they are something that should be the main choice of professionals. On the other side, they are entry-level units. They can be used, but not in professional applications. The best use of them is home use and beginners can use them as well.

Must fit perfectly

Most users and doctors claim that specula for otoscopes must fit perfectly in order to get the best effect. Luckily, most high-end models will fit perfectly and they are great to use. This also means that they can be used in professional applications and for the most demanding patients. Keep in mind that they are made for a specific type of otoscope, so they should be chosen accordingly.


The finish of an otoscope specula is more important than you can imagine, simply because it may affect diagnose. The best units have the best finish, which means that there won’t be distortion nor the changes of the tissue color. More affordable units don’t have a great finish, so they are not as accurate as high-end models. In any case, they are very affordable and they should be used for minor applications. On the other side the bets units can and should be used only in professional applications. They are perfect for the most demanding patients and those who are seeking the perfection.

Specula for a specific otoscope

Otoscopes are made in the same way for decades. In fact, in the last 30 years all models are the same and they look the same. This means that specula can be used for any type and model of an otoscope you may have. However, there are some small changes that may cause an issue. In any case, they are related to less-known otoscope, made by smaller manufacturers. Simply said, most special will fit to any otoscope, but keep in mind that some models will require a different and a specific type of this item.

Industrial quality

If you are looking for these items for a clinic and you are planning to use them on demanding patients, you must pay attention to the industrial standard. Not all manufacturers have to offer this level of quality, so the best choice to find one that does. In any case, this feature makes the entire product better and more accurate. However, this also means that they come in bigger packages. For example, you can get up to 850 items in one package. On the other side ordinary packages include 50 items or even less.

Specula for pocket otoscope

In this case, the dimensions of the otoscope are going to be lower and the entire model is different than ordinary models. A great thing is the fact that specula will be the same, so you can use ordinary items, despite the fact you have a smaller otoscope. In most cases specula will fit perfectly and it can be used in any application you have on mind.

The bottom line is simple, special for otoscope are the most important component, when it comes to the best and the most accurate diagnosis. They must be used only one time and they are developed for adults and for children. There is no point of saying that they must be used correspondingly In addition, most of these items will fit perfectly to any otoscope and they have the highest level of finish. Another great fact is that industrial models offer even better quality and a bigger package.

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