What Is The Best Pocket Otoscope On The Market?

By | August 27, 2016

Otoscopes have become highly popular in the past few years once with the advance of modern technologies, especially in the medical field. These small and highly portable devices can help you detect ear, nose and throat pathology, identify symptoms of future infections and help you fight them from early stages. Moreover, you do not have to have medical knowledge in order to be able to read and interpret the results by using an otoscope. This way you will easily find what is wrong with your ear, eardrums, throat or nose without having to pay an extra visit to the doctor’s office. But with so many options available on the market, how can you be sure you found the right device for your needs? Read below from a series of pocket otoscope reviews and decide for yourself which of the following items will make the best acquisition.

Dr Mom otoscope 4th generation

Welch Allyn 3.5v Coaxial Diagnostic Set with Throat Illuminat

 The main advantage of this brand is its highly accessible price. While most otoscopes, whether professional or for home usage vary between several hundreds of dollars, the fourth generation of otoscopes manufactured by Dr Mom retails for less than $100, which makes it a great investment for your home. These particular items feature qualitative and resistant optical lens with a clear and enlarged vision and quality of the picture. The magnifier is of 5x, and the DC-DC boost converter as an added feature will help you clearly see even above your belief. Practically, with this device you will be able to clearly see your eardrums, look for any perforations, obstructions or inflammation and much more. The product also comes with a highly practical LED light running on regular AA batteries which are easy to find and replace once finished.

The Mini pocket fiber optic otoscope

 Another great pocket otoscope is this particular item. You can easily see any sign of ear infection with this mini pocket fiber optic otoscope and then identify and solution most ear, nose or throat infections. This lightweight product has a very good price/quality ratio and is perfect for beginners who want to experiment using medical tools. Other features include a pocket clip, a canvas pouch, disposable plastic specula, a 3x magnification running on two AA batteries.

Welch allyn pocket otoscope

 Another great and affordable product comes in the form if this Welch design which uses a long life halogen bulb, providing the necessary amount of light even to the darkest regions of the ear canal, thus spotting any signs of pathology or infection. The fiber optics technology enhances the power of the light while not allowing any reflections, for a clear and accurate image of your ear inside.

However, if you are a newbie in the field it is best to first talk to a doctor and ask for his or her advice. Doctors and nurses use these products on a large scale and on a daily basis, thus their knowledge about various brands and their perks and downsides is always a good insight. Moreover, before deciding to spend your money on such a device make sure you know how to properly use it and interpret the things you see.

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