What A Professional Otoscope Must Have

By | July 14, 2016

Otoscopes are accurate and precise devices that must offer the best quality and the best features, simply in order they are used for serious and important checks and diagnoses. This also makes them very important for beginners, professionals and for doctors as well. In any case, a professional otoscope is the best choice, simply due to the fact it has the latest features, it is well-made and there is no room for mistakes. However, these devices come with a lot more, so you should know a lot of facts about what makes an otoscope a professional model.

For home use or for professional

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Keep in mind that otoscopes are developed for home use or for professional applications. The professional models are better made, they have a better features and their quality is higher. At the same time, they are better made, which means that they can last for a long time and they are very durable. The most important fact is that professional otoscopes are very precise, and they use the latest technology in order to get the best result. Of course, the price is high when it comes to professional otoscopes, but you will get the best and the most accurate devices, which makes them simply better than the competition.

The importance of the LED

You already know that every otoscope must have an LED. A great thing is that professional otoscopes come with a different type of the LED, which makes them better. The reason why they are better is simply related to the reflections and to the obstructions. Cheap and low-entry otoscopes will cause reflections and the color of the tissue won’t be in perfect order! Keep in mind that this is a severe issue that may cause wrong diagnose, so they are not the safest choice. A great thing is that every professional otoscope comes with the best LED, so diagnosing the issue is the safest and simply said the better.

Rotatable lens

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One of the latest additions that is also treated as one of the most important ones is rotating lens. It allows for you to get a better view of the ear canal. At the same time, it makes the entire model more accurate. This feature is reserved for high-end products of this type and it should be taken into account, if you are looking for a professional otoscope that is based on the latest technology and comes with the best features. Don’t forget that this addition will increase the price of the otoscope, but it is definitely something you are going to need.

Fiber optics

The latest models use fiber optics for the light and of the lens. It is a much better choice, simply due to the fact it makes the entire otoscope better and more accurate. On the other side, it makes it more durable and faster to work with. For busy doctors, this addition may be one of the most important ones. It must be taken into account and it is definitely a great addition reserved only for professional otoscopes.

The magnification

Each otoscope must magnify the view of the eardrum. It is important to know that they offer a different level of magnification. For example, some models offer 3 times magnification, which is good, but it isn’t perfect. Professional otoscopes offer up to 5 times magnification, which makes them more precise and more accurate, so they are a better choice. On the other side, they allow for doctors to get a better diagnosis. Most experts claim that this is the most important feature and it has to be taken into account. If you are looking for a professional otoscope, it is the first thing you should look for.

Detachable head

This feature allows you to get one or two devices in one otoscope. Simply said, you will be able to remove the head and use it for throat inspection. On the other side, you can use it as penlight as well. This is also reserved for more expensive models, but keep in mind that you will get 3 devices in one. On the other side cheaper and low-end models don’t have this feature. A great addition is the fact that most of the latest models have this feature, which makes them perfect for professional uses.

Storage case

Despite the fact otoscopes are made from durable materials, they are sensitive and fragile devices. This also means that they must ebb protected, especially if you carry them on the terrain. Don’t forget that even the smallest damage can have a side effect when it comes to the reliability of diagnosis. As the end result, a wrong diagnosis may be caused by the damaged otoscope. A case will solve and eliminate the risk of it. It makes using an otoscope better and simpler. In addition, these devices come with soft and hard cases, so you can get the one you like. Hard cases are better if you are going to use them in remote locations.

The materials

Maybe it sounds like an irrelevant thing, but the materials, the manufacturer used in the manufacturing process has an important role. The best models must be made from the best materials. This gives you the best quality and the longest durability. In addition, these models are resistant to scratches and damages, so they are a better choice, if you are going to use them in remote locations. Stainless steel is definitely a metal you are going to need, and it is one of the hardest materials on the planet.

When it comes to choosing the professional otoscope, all of these features should be taken into account. Sadly, it is hard to tell which one is the best, but models made by Welch Allyn are simply treated as the best and the most affordable choice. In addition, they are developed for professional applications and they are accurate, so they can be used for the most demanding purposes and they will work like a charm.





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