Pocket Otoscope

The otoscope is about as essential to doctors as any other tool that they use. Many physicians use this apparatus for a wide variety of tasks. In fact, far more than what the device was originally intended for. It has become so handy that they have simply found that it fills far more needs that it was originally intended for.

This very handy device has become as instrumental to most doctors as anything that they use. Because of its unique design and easy to carry configuration, it makes it the most useful tool that a doctor can have in many circumstances. This is why no physician can be without this device and why the pocket otoscope has become one of the most popular devices for doctors.

The Primary and Secondary Uses for the Otoscope

While there are a wide variety of uses for the otoscope, its primary purpose from the beginning was to give doctors a high quality tool to be able to examine the inner canal of a person’s ear to check for injury or inflammation within the ear or the membrane. This device creates a tight seal in the ear canal where only the light of the otoscope is able to enter and illuminate the canal and membrane. With the lens on the device, the doctor can then be able to carefully examine to see if there is any issue that could be damaging the ear or cavity surrounding it.

While this became the primary use for this device, doctors have found several different uses for the otoscope over the years. This has included using the light on the device to be able to check other areas of the body, including the throat and mouth area of the patient.

Because of the way that the head on the device shaped, the illuminating effect of the otoscope makes it so that it is ideal to shine light into the oral canal to be able to see the entire throat and mouth area. The light is able to be narrowly shined so that physicians can carefully examine the tongue or other oral area, the tonsils, or down the throat passage way.

Many doctors use this device to be able to examine in the nasal cavity area as well. Again, because of the unique shape of the otoscope light can easily shine directly into the nostril allowing doctors to view the nasal cavity and sinus areas. This makes it the absolutely ideal device to get a very clear picture if there are any issues that a patient may be having.

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This Is Not Just for Doctors

While the device was originally created for use by physicians and other medical professionals, it is now not uncommon for many moms and dads to have their own otoscope to use to examine their own children. The otoscope gives the parent the easy ability to examine their own child’s ear canal, nasal passages, or mouth area to see if they find that their child has some kind of medical issue that needs to be seen by a doctor.

Four years ago, parents were limited in their ability to diagnose if they really needed to take their son or daughter into the doctor or not. They could only diagnose a few common symptoms to make their decision, frequently deciding that the only real option available to them was to take them to the doctor to be on the safe side.

Now, however, parents can see if they detect issues that may require that their child visits a doctor. If their child should have a runny nose and a cough, but the parent notices no inflammation or redness in the throat or ear canals then they may just see this as a simple cold that needs to run its course. However, if they do detect swelling in the throat or ear canal then this becomes a quick indicator to them that they need to take their child to be seen by a doctor as soon as one is available.

All of this has become available to the parent thanks to the ability for them to buy their own otoscope. They can use this device to check and make their own preliminary diagnoses before deciding if a doctor is to be seen.

The Pocket Otoscope Makes the Perfect Home Accessory

Dr Mom Otoscopes - Third Generation Slimline Stainless LED Pocket, Silver Grey

For anyone who is looking to own one of these devices, the pocket otoscope has become the perfect accessory to add to your home or office. Coming in a smart and easy to store case, the otoscope not only comes with the device itself, and a replacement light bulb, but also with the rubber bulb tips that are applied to increase the closure within the canal so that outside light cannot get in, while also keeping the field clean from debris while the otoscope is in use.

For doctors, this accessory easily fits into their pockets making it so that it is easy to carry and keep track of. This is an especially great tool for those physicians who are working in an emergency room or other setting where they will visit many rooms that are not part of their own office complex.

For parents, what makes this accessory so perfect is that it fits into any drawer or onto a shelf easily. Whenever it is needed, all that has to happen is for the parent to pull out the pocket otoscope out of the drawer or off the shelf and return it after they are done.

Which Are the Best Pocket Otoscopes?

The truth is that the pocket otoscope has joined the new innovative technology age. Nowadays, a parent or physician does not even need to buy the scope itself with the traditional head. Now you can just buy the otoscope as an accessory that plugs into your smart phone. You simply place the device in the patient’s ear and a camera located inside of the device sends a signal to your phone for you to be able to view the image. Both Android and FindFine have outstanding devices like this.