How To Buy The Best Ear Otoscope

By | August 27, 2016

How many times did you struggle with ear infections? On how many occasions you felt like you will never be able to sleep again from a terrible ear infection? How many times did you not have swallowed ears, deal with nasty ear wax or not being able to walk properly because of an ear infection? Luckily you went to see a doctor for a treatment right away. But what if I told you there is a way through which you can detect ear pathology, possible infections and read the abnormal signs your ear is sending without consulting your doctor or even having medical knowledge? If you did not know by now, otoscopes can help you do just that.

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What is an ear otoscope?

An ear otoscope is basically a medical device designed to help you look thoroughly through your ear and notice anything abnormal in the area, including redness, swallowing, infections, affected or perforated eardrums, etc. Similar to thermometers, otoscopes represent safe devices that can be easily used from the comfort of your own home. And, the best thing that comes with them is that you do not require any type of medical training or knowledge to use them and interpret the results. The item mainly comprises of three fundamental components: a magnifying glass, a source of light and a speculum in the shape of a cone. The last component mainly represents a guide to help you carefully maneuvering the ear, while the lighting fascicle will help you see through the depths of your ear properly.


How to buy an ear otoscope?


If you decided to learn the ear pathology on your own and acquire an ear otoscope, there are some things you need to take into consideration. First of all, these medical devices come in various shapes, forms and sizes and, obviously, depending on their characteristics, range in price. Although all items sold on the market are suitable and safe to use, the professional types of ear otoscopes should only be handled by doctors and medical nurses, while the non-professional ones can be used from the safety of your own house.

The size of these products also matter because they can be easily transported in their reduced sized. In fact, some of the most reputed and well sold ear otoscopes are of pocket dimensions just to perfectly fit anywhere and be easily deposited without occupying much space.

Another thing to be taken into consideration when shopping for otoscopes is their price range. As previously mentioned, there is a fine line between ready to use otoscopes and the professional ones used by doctors in hospitals or private practices. The professional models are sold even for a few thousand dollars so addressing the costs before purchasing a product might be a good and mature thing to do.


Other characteristics to look after

 When searching for the perfect ear otoscope also make sure to know some additional features like a cool light with no obstruction or reflection. Also, try and purchase an otoscope that has a metal speculum instead of a plastic, disposable one.

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