Best Otoscope For Home Use

Nowadays, parents are finding it a great deal more necessary to be able to diagnose their own children’s issues prior to determining if they need to take their child to the doctor. Because of the rising costs of health insurance and physician care, it is not as simple to just take your son or daughter to the doctor when they have a cold or flu. Years ago, a sniffle or cough and you would have taken your child to see their physician right away. This is not as feasible any longer.

What this means is that moms and dads have to become pseudo-physicians who were able to diagnosis and determine if there is a serious issue that requires them to take their child to the doctor. A cut that would’ve needed stitches 25 years ago can now be fixed by using a couple of butterfly Band-Aids. A sprained knee can now be treated at home with a proper brace and ice. The modern world has made it so that many parents are able to do the doctoring on their own.

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Technology Making a Parent’s Decision a Lot Easier

It is easy to see in these areas how parents can handle the medical issues their child faces. But what if your child had a pain in their ear or they felt that their throat was severely irritated? How could a parent diagnose that to determine if they needed to take their child to the doctor or not?

Even five years ago the parent would’ve had to take their child in to the physician to be examined. This may not have been that big a deal during normal business hours, but when it is late night on a weekend the costs almost made it prohibitive to be able to take your child into be cared for. This meant you may have to wait until Monday to be able to have them seen; an option that most parents found unpalatable.

Now this is not as big a problem for many parents. The otoscope, the device that many physicians use to examine the ear canals and throats of their patients, has been around for many years, however, it is now easily available for parents to be able to get so that they can check their child to determine if taking him or her to the doctor is even necessary. This has revolutionized parenting for many men and women.

Now a parent can decide through an examination on their own if they should take their child to the doctor or not. By using the otoscope, they are able to look inside the ear canal, nasal cavity, or the throat and see if there is any inflammation, irritation, or other issue that may need the care of a physician. This is allowing them to be able to determine if something may just be a simple cold or if it is something a lot more severe.

Where this has become even easier has been through the rise of the smart phone. This device has made our lives so much more easy to live. Not only are we able to control the thermostat in our home through our smart phone, but now you can use otoscope that attaches to your phone to be able to see inside the ear canal.

The way this device works is quite simple. It simply plugs in to the port on your phone. You then place the otoscope into the person’s ear or mouth area and an image instantly appears on the screen on the smart phone. From here you get high definition image of exactly what is going on so that you can see if there may be some issue that has arisen. This has made the job of the parent so much easier.

There Are Those Who Still Wish to Go Old School

Welch Allyn 3.5v Coaxial Diagnostic Set with Throat Illuminat

For those who do not want to join the technological age, there are still many great pocket otoscopes that you can buy that used the same traditional device to be able to observe within the child’s ear canal or mouth area. These devices have not changed significantly over the years, it’s still working quite effectively in helping to see the affected areas, allowing you to diagnose if there is an issue or not.

By placing one of the rubber or plastic tips over the area that is inserted into the ear canal, a tight fit is made which blocks out any other light source from entering in. Only the bulb on the otoscope is able to provide light into the canal. The parent can then see inside the ear canal or the throat through the lens and get a very clear image of exactly what is going on.

So Which One Is for Me

To be quite honest about it, this is simply a matter of preference. For those who are much more in tune with the technological age and who wish to use their smart phone for just about anything, the new plug-in type otoscopes may be the most perfect option for them. This allows for a very clear image to appear on the screen of their phone so that they can see if there’s any problem that the doctor needs to see.

For those who like this option, Android has an incredible device that is ideal to use. However, they are not the only one. FindFine also has a great option that would be ideal for any parent to use.

There are still others who like the traditional method of being able to see if there is an issue. Welch Allyn is the leader in creating the pocket otoscope. This is the brand that most physicians use, but the Dr. Mom otoscopes have also become a widely accepted and sought after device for many parents.

The option is really up to you. This is simply a matter of what works best for you and what you find the greatest amount of comfort and functionality that works for you.