Best Dr Mom Otoscope Reviews of 2018

By | July 14, 2016

There are a lot of different otoscope manufacturers on the planet. Despite the fact, all models are made in the same way and they come with similar features, there are differences with different manufacturers. One manufacturer that stands out from the crowd, simply because it makes affordable otoscopes with a great quality is the dr mom otoscope. Their models are made for professional and home uses, but all of them are well-made and they are treated as some of the best otoscopes on the planet. However, they have a lot more to offer.

A perfect balance between the quality and the price

When it comes to each dr mom otoscope you must know that the quality will beat the highest level. On the other side, the price is more than just affordable. Each model is made from a high quality material and it looks far more expensive that it is. This makes them a great choice and the best investment you can make. In any case, each model can be used in professional clinics and they are treated as some of the most reliable otoscopes on the market. If you are looking for otoscopes that are affordable but great, these models are the best choice.

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The power of generations

A unique fact, with these models is that they have been improved constantly. This improvement is known as generation, so we have the first, thesecond, the third and the fourth generation. There is no point of saying that the fourth generation is the latest one and it comes with the best features, the highest level of quality and with the latest features. Due to the fact the manufacturer uses the feedback of the users, each generation is better and has significant improvements. On the other side, this also means that they don’t have drawbacks nor issues, so they are perfectly safe to use.

Great package

Another great addition, these otoscopes have to offer is the package. Each one of them comes in a great package, with a great case and interesting additions. As the end result, you get the best model with the best features. This also means that each model can be used in remote locations, due to the fact it comes with a case, so it will be fully protected from various threats. Any case you get will last for a long time and it has been developed especially to protect the otoscope form anything that can damage it.

For pediatric and adults

Most otoscopes can be used for children and adults the situation is the same when it comes to the dr mom otoscope. These models are made to accommodate different uses and they can be equipped with different specula. Simply said, one otoscope is everything you are going to need, in order to get the most accurate diagnosis. In addition, these models are treated as the most accurate products on the market. Keep in mind that some other manufacturers also offer this addition, but their models cost 2-3 times more.

Pocket Otoscopes

Pocket otoscopes are developed for carrying around and they have small dimensions. In any case, they can be used in remote locations and on the terrain, which makes them a great choice. The manufacturer in question offers some of the best otoscopes for pocket use. They are well-made and they all have the same features as full-size otoscopes. This makes them very accurate and a perfect choice if you are looking for an otoscope for this type.


If you are a beginner, tips are something you are going to need. This is one of rare manufacturers that offers tips in the package, so using the otoscope for the first time is very simple. In any case, this is a very small addition that makes the entire package better and simpler to use. Keep in mind that the instructions are well-written and they are detailed, so you will get the best type of help you can. In addition, these tips cover all the otoscope and the most important features and operations you should know.

Resistant lens

The fourth generation comes with one of the best lenses you can get. It is resistant, accurate and it has been developed for the most demanding tasks. As aforementioned, this manufacturer used the feedback of the users in order to get the best lens and the best otoscope. Keep in mind that this lens is the best on the market and it makes the entire otoscope better and more accurate. On the other side, it is also very resistant, which makes the entire otoscope better for rough and terrain use. The manufacturer claim that this lens is the strongest you can find on the market.

5 X magnification

You already know that the magnification is the most important thing an otoscope has to offer. In this case, you get a 5 X magnification, which is the best you can get. This makes the entire otoscope more accurate and better, due to the fact it is more useful. Other types come with 3 X magnification, which isn’t extremely good and it is treated as obsolete result. With the fourt0h generation, you get the most and you get the most practical otoscope at the lowest price with the best features. The magnification is just another feature that makes this otoscope better.

Great LED

LED is an important part of any otoscope. Keep in mind that the manufacturer in question offers the best LED features on the market. The light is stronger than other models have to offer so the entire otoscope is better.

In general, each dr mom otoscope is a great choice. It is well-made and it is more than just useful. On the other side, it doesn’t have drawbacks and comes at a low price. As aforementioned, these models are usually 2-3 times less expensive than other models, but they can be compared with them, and they are probably better than most of more expensive units.



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